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For general enquiries, please contact the main office. For something more specific, please find the relevant office or team member below.

Main Office:
The City of London,
Aldermanbury Street,

Postal Address

The City of London,
PO Box 270,

Phone: 020 7248 7171

Satellite Office:
Thames21, The Lock Office, Bow Locks, Navigation Road, London E3 3JY
Tel: 0207 515 3337

For corporate volunteering enquiries telephone the main office number above or contact us via Email.

For environmental education, contact:

Welsh Harp Environment Education Centre:
Thames21, Welsh Harp Environmental Education Centre, Birchen Grove, London NW9 8RY
Contact us via Tel: 07711 701 694 or via email

The Team

Thames21 has a core team of full time staff members, several committed delivery support staff and thousands of public volunteers. Please look down the list and contact the most appropriate person.

Debbie Leach
Thames21 Chief Executive
: 07976 559778
Debbie joined Thames21 as Chief Executive in June 2005, bringing 15 years’ experience in the voluntary sector. Her work with young people’s and educational charities led to a growing interest in broader social inclusion and community development issues. Debbie lives in Putney, and is a keen boater and sailor.
“The great thing about rivers and canals is that they appeal to everyone, regardless of age, background or culture. It is fantastic to see the new friendships formed when people work side by side to improve their local waterway.”

Chris Coode
Deputy Chief Executive and Head of Engagement and Education
Tel: 07813 799757

Chris is head of education and training at Thames21. Before joining Thames21, Chris worked as the Education Coordinator at the London Aquarium, and he has worked as a warden on marine wildlife reserves along the coast of Dorset and Cornwall. He is one of the world’s greatest rockpoolers.

John Bryden
Head of Improving Rivers

Tel: 07968 012828
John is head of river improvements at Thames21. He came to Thames21 from the Environment Agency, where he worked for seven years leading river restoration, wetland, and SuDS projects. He may be appeased with offerings of cricket bats and tea.

Michael Heath
Personnel Manager
Tel: 07968 805751
Michael came to Thames21 as River Cray Project Officer in 2011. He has lived near the Cray for more than 18 years, and is a founding member of the Friends of Foots Cray Meadows. Michael is a retired police officer whose other interests include photography, travel, and cooking.

Alison Archer
Fundraising Manager
Tel: 07554 402772
Alison has a background in marketing and moved into content development and fundraising at Chatham House where she headed up the conferences programme. She is a founder member of the Pymmes BrookERS, a community group that works with Thames21 to restore the Pymmes and Salmons Brooks. She loves walking London’s rivers and wild swimming and is usually happiest in a kayak.

Adam Asquith
Corporate Volunteering Officer 
Tel: 07584 172209

After leading The Conservation Volunteers (TCV)  Croydon Ponds Project researching and improving ponds in South London, Adam is looking forward to broadening his knowledge of the capital’s freshwater ecology and leading corporate events.  When he’s not working, Adam loves to be outdoors hiking, biking and camping, or singing and playing drums in a band.

Vahide Berisha Bazargan
Office Manager
Tel: 07827 240457

Vahide came to Thames21 after volunteering for foreshore clean ups. She has worked for the Carbon Trust and before that at Bateaux London luxury boat cruises on the Thames; so she is happy to be back by the river again. Vahide loves being outdoors, gardening, cooking, crafting and trying to lead a life kind to nature and wildlife while encouraging others to do the same.

Jennie Hinton
Head of Finance
Tel: 07597 578516
Jennie is Head of Finance at Thames21. She has previously worked in senior finance roles in the media industry. Jennie believes strongly in the power of community engagement to improve our environment as well as our health and wellbeing. She is a trustee at Ashford Place, a housing, social inclusion and health & wellbeing charity in North West London. In her spare time Jennie enjoys getting out in the open air and a bit of baking.

The CaBA Catchment Partnerships Team

Dr Lucy Shuker
Catchment Partnerships Development Manager
Tel: 07523 512848
Lucy is a Chartered Water Environment Manager (C.WEM, C.Env) with a PhD in Interdisciplinary Assessment, Planning and Managing Urban Rivers, she joined Thames21 in 2017 with over 15 years of experience in WFD policy, aquatic sciences, hydrology and geomorphology, from working with the Environment Agency and water consultancy. Lucy’s ongoing research includes citizen science and natural capital accounting. When not in, on or around water, Lucy will be busy in her London forest garden, or unwinding with yoga and other crafty or musical pursuits.

Jessica van Grootveld
Catchment Partnership Development Officer
Tel: 07849 087833

In 2016 Jessica graduated from Wageningen University with a Master’s degree in International Land and Water Management including Urban Water Management. She has previously worked for VINU, a Dutch project management and consultancy firm, and for the National Association of Water Companies in the Netherlands. She enjoys cooking, being outdoors and spending time with friends and family.

Will Oliver
Catchment Partnership Development Officer
Tel: 07826 913307

Will graduated from University College London in 2018 with a master’s degree in Aquatic Science. Here he specialised in freshwater ecology and restoration and completed his dissertation on the effect of microhabitat availability on fish distribution within a Norfolk chalk stream. Will has previously worked as a freshwater ecologist for a consultancy firm. He enjoys fishing, running and playing football.

Kirsten Downer
Communications and Campaigns Manager
Tel: 07711 701696
Kirsten has more than 15 years’ experience of journalism and communications. She’s previously worked for London Wildlife Trust, the RSPB, and the Women’s Environmental Network. She has also worked as an environmental educator and is a trained Forest School teacher. She loves nature writing, collaborating with artists and getting covered in mud.

Vicky Duxbury
Outdoor Learning Officer
Tel: 07568 133201  

Vicky is the Outdoor Learning Officer for Headstone Manor Park in Harrow. Her Lottery funded role, hosted by Harrow Borough Council, is to engage the community with their waterways and the wildlife in the Park. The role is linked to the HLF & GLA Parks for People landscaping works which will improve local water quality, reduce flash flooding, and create new habitats around the Park.  She is passionate about all wildlife and is often gazing skyward for swifts or in the undergrowth for hedgehogs!

Deb Frankiewicz
Welsh Harp Environmental Education Centre Education Officer
Tel: 07711 701694
Deb develops and delivers the fun and interactive education programme to school groups and the local community at the Welsh Harp Environmental Education Centre in West London. Initially trained as a Geographical Information Systems Analyst in Australia, Deb moved to London and soon discovered her love for working with children in the outdoors.

Poppy Flint
Training Officer
Tel: 07739 627 665 

Whether as an artist, events coordinator or educator, Poppy has always had a focus on bringing people together to learn about the environment around them. Following an MSc in Education for Sustainability she worked freelance with various charities including The Country Trust, SEEd and This is Rubbish. Poppy will still occasionally be spotted dressed as a wonky carrot.

Stephen Haywood
Natural Flood Management Programme Manager
Tel: 07500 842 283

Steve started working with the Environment Agency in South West England on their water quality monitoring programmes, but move to London and is pursuing his career in natural flood management. A keen surfer and cyclist, if he’s not found near water, he’ll be out trekking in the mountains somewhere in the world.

AJ McConville
Thames River Watch Coordinator
Tel: 07585 302623
AJ joined Thames21 in 2015 from the Institute of European Environmental Policy where he worked on biodiversity policy. Interested in grassroots work and urban ecology, AJ delivered the Trout in the Classroom project for the Wandle Trust alongside his policy duties for two years. He plays guitar in a band, these days mostly restricted to friends’ weddings.

Rosa Clavane
Thames River Watch Community Engagement Officer
Tel: 07523512849

Rosa’s role as Community Engagement Officer for Thames River Watch is to listen to marginalised communities close to the Thames learn how to improve access to the river. Rosa’s previous role was setting up a community dementia therapy programme in Camden and before that she was a teacher in Spain and the UK.  Rosa is interested in the power of community organising to impact positive political change through bringing people together to realise their collective power. Rosa enjoys playing football, exploring London by bike and cooking. 

Carolina Pinto
Brent Rivers and Communities Project Officer   
Tel: 07824 491166

Carolina is an environmental scientist specialised in freshwater management and river restoration. She works in the areas of research, diagnosis, monitoring and recovery of degraded aquatic environments. In her free time she enjoys practising yoga, bike rides, wild swimming and loves experimenting with companion planting in her garden working out which plants help each other to grow.

Laura Nee
Brent Rivers Engagement and Restoration Officer
Tel: 07597 576706

Laura graduated with a master’s degree in Water and Environmental Management in 2019. Her background is in community engagement with a focus on behavioural change. She has previously worked with various councils across London to increase the uptake of local environmental initiatives. She is most likely found in her local park crouching down to pet a dog or examine some fungi.

Clare Smith
River Cray and Thamesmead Project Officer
Tel: 07500 840596 

Clare joined Thames21 in June 2018 as project officer for the River Cray and Thamesmead, working with volunteers and communities to improve their local waterways. Previously, she studied environmental sciences and worked as an ecological consultant for eight years. She also volunteers for the Wandle Trust’s invasive non-native species project and loves walking and exploring the outdoors.

Lydia King
Ravensbourne Restoration Project Officer
Tel: 07597 577793

After completing an MSc in Sustainability and Adaptation Planning in 2019, with a focus on community engagement in riparian management, Lydia has built on a passion for the natural environment through a practical conservation placement with the Devon Wildlife Trust. This involved getting very well acquainted with gorse needles! It was an exciting moment to join Thames 21 in January 2021 to focus on water management. Time out of work is spent observing our feathered avian friends, meandering on the moors and floating on the high seas, occasionally catching a wave.

Nik Cain
Woodland Creation Officer
Tel: 07523 512851 

Nik is a former physicist and IT architect, but now wants to do nothing but plant trees and manage woodland. With 100,000 trees to plant with Thames21’s Enfield Chase restoration project, there’s plenty to get stuck into. When not at work Nik’s still in the woods, foraging for home-made wines or bird watching.

Dilawar Hussain
Thames Connections Research Officer
Tel: 07557 970812 

Born and bred in the East End of London, Dilawar has been an active member of one of the most diverse cultural community hubs in the world – Tower Hamlets. He has grown up close to the River Thames and has a passion for enriching communities to get involved in environmental activities. He has a background in sales and business as well as various community work including working with youth services and other charitable causes. 

Gareth Chalmers
Nature Prescribing Officer
Tel: 07597 580017

Gareth joins Thames21 after twenty years experience setting up and running health through stealth programmes for TCV, supporting and training community groups and running environmental education programmes for TCV and PGL spanning over twenty years. Gareth is also highly experienced in volunteer management and is a firm believer in connecting communities and bringing people together. When not working he can be found in the kitchen, having previous experience as a catering manager or with his scout group.

Sam Bentley-Toon
Engagement Manager
Tel: 07597 579869

Sam has worked in wildlife conservation since 2009 and is passionate about connecting people with the nature on their doorstep. Before coming to Thames21 he worked for London Wildlife Trust on the Great North Wood project, a woodland restoration and community engagement initiative based in south London. He enjoys painting, wild swimming and seeing live music.

Angus Wilkinson
Volunteer Officer
Tel: 07597 580014

Previously working in environmental landscaping and then bird conservation in Malta, Angus just loves being outside. Bird watching, cycling, hiking and gardening. Out in any season, any weather, any nature! When working for Thames21, he’s leading volunteer events with London’s lovely residents. Angus believes connecting people with nature is essential for protecting our planet.

Claire Robertson
Oxford Rivers Project Officer
Tel: 07597 580016 

Claire came to work for Thames21 part-time after founding a community campaign to monitor and prevent sewage spills in her local rivers in Oxford. Prior to this, she worked in environmental education and climate change campaigning. She spends the other half of the week in the field or the lab, studying for a PhD in freshwater ecology. She enjoys working with rivers as they combine three of her passions: getting people outdoors, scientific research and protecting the natural world, and she’s a keen wild swimmer and kayaker.



Dr Nathalie Gilbert
Evidence Programme Manager
Tel: 07711 701695
With a PhD and Masters in Environmental Science from the University of East Anglia, Nathalie joined Thames21 as the lab manager. She is now Thames21 Evidence Programme Manager since completing her role as Project Manager for INTCATCH, a multinational project that aims to develop user-friendly water monitoring tools to provide real-time data.