Corporate volunteering

Thames21 is an environmental charity working to care for Greater London’s 400 mile network of rivers, tributaries and canals, we can tailor corporate volunteering and team building to meet the needs of your staff and organisation.

Corporate volunteering is a great way to demonstrate that your organisation puts people first, It can also offer the opportunity for press coverage in local or trade media.

We can offer  different corporate volunteering activities:

  • Opportunities range from working on a nearby waterway to working in the Thames21 office, in fundraising, PR or administration.
  • Our Team events are practical, outdoors and involve lots of hands-on activity along London’s rivers and canals. Volunteers need no prior experience to participate, however a moderate level of physical fitness is advised. Our bespoke team-building events on the rivers and canals of London will provide benefits not only to your staff and colleagues, but also to the local environment and neighbouring communities who will enjoy and appreciate the lasting changes you make.

We do charge for our bespoke events, the funds raised from corporate events go back intoThames21’s community based work. This means that the benefits of your involvement continue to make a difference to local communities and the local environment beyond the time you spend with us.

Why not look at inviting Thames21 into your work place? We offer free talks to your staff about our work and how much global impact our local action has on the environment. These sessions are usually very active and engage everybody from young to old.

Companies can also benefit from a range of sponsorship and partnership opportunities. By partnering with Thames21 in this way, you could enhance your CSR portfolio and value to your brand.

For more information about how your organisation could work with Thames21, please download this document: CSR with Thames21 2012

If you are interested in discussing corporate volunteering with Thames21, contact Verena Gielen at or on mobile 07826 913 307.