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Welcome to the Thames21 Treasure Map!

Want to add a treasure? Here’s how….

  1. Click on the map to add an blue circular treasure marker.  
  2. To move this, click the blue circle and it will turn yellow, now you can drag it to the location of your treasure!
  3. Give the treasure a name and a description, and add an address if required.
  4. Why not add a photograph? Please ensure the file is less than 200Kb.
  5. You may also enter the URL of a related website.
  6. Finally, choose a category for your treasure.

We have to authorise your treasure before it is visible on the Treasure Map.

Do not show this help box again.

Treasure Details

The location of your treasure is outside the London Boroughs currently supported by Thames21. Please contact us to register your interest in this area.
Name of treasure

Photo (maximum size 200Kb)

If you would like to amend any of the details for this treasure at a future date, please contact Ben Fenton.