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IMG_8180We really spoilt you during the first two years of London Rivers Week, which began in 2016 and runs at the end of June into the beginning of July.

Our specially organised events covered everything from wildlife safaris and river dipping to historic pub walks, clean-ups, talks and trainings, seminars to demonstrate citizen science, plus much more…

In 2016, across seven days, 350 people attended 34 events put on by 11 event organisers. In 2017, 862 people attended 34 events put on by 15 organisations. 

We will be back in 2018 from Saturday June 23 to Sunday July 1,  but for now take a look at the London Rivers Week 2017 Events as examples of what we put on, to give you a taste of the types of events you can expect.

Meanwhile, check out our top picks of rivers to visit in London and plan your own city escape no matter the time of year!