Corporate volunteering

Thames21’s Corporate Volunteering events are back! We have changed the way we deliver events to comply with latest government guidelines, ensure that rigorous precautions against COVID are in place and that the event is both safe and fun. Interest in our events is high, so do get in touch to book your event now!

In addition to our river-cleans and river improvement activities, Thames21 volunteers will be helping to plant a whole new woodland in the autumn and winters of 2020-2022. Trees help rivers by preventing soil erosion and mitigating flooding, so contact us now to find out more.

Energise and reconnect your team by booking a Corporate Volunteering Day with Thames21!

Step out of the office and onto the river bank for some inspiring, hands-on river conservation activities:

 All our events are tailored to your team and can help meet specific objectives, giving your team the chance to get out of its comfort zone, push boundaries, think creatively, work together and learn practical skills for a more sustainable world. By partnering with us, you will also be championing a healthy future for our city and its rivers, and inspiring people to value and care for them.

 London’s waterways are the beating heart of the capital and support a rich diversity of wildlife. Their banks act as pockets of peace away from the bustle of city life, inspiring adventure and possibility. But London’s rivers are under intense pressure and are among the most polluted in Britain.

 We work hand-in-hand with companies like yours to deliver lasting and meaningful change for urban rivers.

 To book your Corporate Volunteering Day:



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