Thames21 Badged Groups

Do you have the energy, enthusiasm and drive to make a real difference to your local area? If you’re reading this then you’ve already started on the journey!

Take your volunteering to the next level by applying for a Thames21 Badge.

Once you’ve completed our Leading a Waterway Cleanup training, and have then gone on to plan and run an event or activity with support and approval by Thames21, you can apply for a Thames21 Badge. 

This badge means that events that you organise are covered by Thames21’s Public Liability Insurance*.  It also means that we can loan you kit for some events and that Thames21 will pay for first aid training for you.  You can display your badge on any publicity material that you create to support your activity.

We have approximately 20 Badged Groups operating across greater London.

Map of Badged Group events in 2016

 The possibilities are endless:  some of our groups run large annual cleanup events every spring or summer.  Other groups run smaller monthly litter picks.  Some groups have successfully received grant funding to buy their own kit or implement projects such as installing floating planters along their local waterway stretch!  We want to encourage and support a network of lively, active groups of people from all across London, who share the same passion about caring for our waterways.

Have a look at one of our Badged Groups in East London on the Regents Canal talking about a ‘greening project’ they’ve launched

And here are some more of our Badged Groups. Check out their good works:

Friends of Slough Canal

Lower Regents Coalition 

Friends of the Shuttle


*Subject to receipt of supporting paperwork