Waterway Engagement Volunteers

Want to help create a buzz about Thames21’s work? Become a Waterway Engagement Volunteer!

Everything we do at Thames21 thrives on public engagement. It’s very important to us to connect with local people, especially as we start projects in new areas. We need to spread the word about what we are doing, get people involved, and get people excited about their local waterways.

That’s where our Waterway Engagement Volunteers come in. We need people at our events to welcome volunteers, chat to locals, and answer questions about Thames21. Our events are good at generating curiosity, so we want to explain what we are doing and get people to join in. Of course, our event support team already does a good job of this, but it’s not easy to talk to everyone and run an event at the same time. That’s why we need our Waterway Engagement Volunteers – to help us “talk the talk” at our events. It’s a crucial part of what we do!

As a Waterway Engagement Volunteer, you’ll be given materials and training to help engage people. You’ll also be reimbursed for your travel and food when you attend events. You’ll help us by registering and welcoming volunteers, and spreading the word about our work!

Interested in being a Waterway Engagement Volunteer? Email Development Officer Billy Coburn.