Your Tidal Thames

The ‘Your Tidal Thames’ project is a joint project between Thames21 and Thames Estuary Partnership (TEP), Thames Strategy Kew to Chelsea and Thames Landscape Strategy based on a community approach to river management.

The project covers the tidal area of the River Thames – from Teddington Lock near Richmond-upon-Thames downstream to Haven Point on the north bank of the Thames Estuary in Essex and Warden Point on the south bank in Kent.

As part of this project we want to hear how you feel about the tidal Thames – what do you cherish and value about the river, what are your concerns, what do you see as the current pressures on the river, what improvements would you like to see, where are the opportunities for improvements to be made, and are you interested in being involved in helping to protect and make environmental improvements to the river? Click here to find out about how you can get involved and input into this exciting project.

The Your Tidal Thames project started in 2012, when it was funded by Defra and the Environment Agency as part of the ‘catchment-based’ approach (CaBA) to working with individuals and organisations that can make a difference to the health of England’s water environments. 25 key river catchments across England were selected to test out this community approach to river management, before it is expanded across the country in 2013. The pilot project was co-hosted in 2012 Thames21 and Thames Estuary Partnership (TEP). The ‘catchment-based’ approach aims to deliver and raise awareness of the Water Framework Directive and what this means for our rivers, estuaries and coastal waters – which is EU legislation requiring improvements to water quality and the river environment. Click here to download the Your Tidal Thames introduction to the Water Framework Directive.

At present the status of the tidal Thames has been classified as ‘moderate’- the aim is that the river should have ‘good’ chemical status and ecological potential by 2027. Click here to download details of the Environment Agency’s classification methodology for surface water bodies.

We hope this project will build on the opportunity provided by the Water Framework Directive to start planning improvements to the tidal Thames that are inspired by the whole river community.

For more information contact Julia Makin: 692 592.

TEP is a neutral forum for local authorities, national agencies, industry, voluntary bodies, local communities and individuals to work together for the good of the Thames Estuary. For more information about the charity’s involvement in this project or its work in general, please contact: Amy Pryor:


Find out about the work of Your Tidal Thames in 2012
Get involved in Your Tidal Thames in 2013

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