Championing The River
Five Year Plan 2016-2021

Empowering Communities and Inspiring Change for Rivers
Thames21 Annual review 2016-2017

Inspiring People to Cherish Rivers
Thames21 Annual Review 2015-2016

Bringing London’s Rivers to Life
Thames21 Annual Review 2014 – 2015

Working for sustainable urban waterways
Thames21 Annual Review 2013-2014

Putting rivers at the heart of communities
Thames21 Annual Review- 2012-2013

Bringing London’s waterways to life
Thames21 Annual Review 2011-2012

Safeguarding: Thames21’s policy for the welfare of children and other vulnerable groups

Read our policy on Biosecurity

Position statement: Thames21’s Call for a Deposit Return Scheme for bottles
January 2017

A River Centre for London – Thames21 submission to the Thames Growth Commission
Submitted October 5th, 2016

Monitoring of sustainable drainage in the Salmons Brook Catchment
Salmons Brook constructed wetlands impact assessment FINAL