EMPOWER Rivers will unleash the potential of volunteers to transform London’s rivers. The programme will empower communities to speak up and take action for their local watercourses, as well as delivering four large river restoration schemes in London over five years.

London’s rivers are in poor ecological health. They have been heavily modified: straightened, often locked-up in concrete channels or even sent underground, and they suffer from poor water quality with pollution inputs from road run-off and sewage. Some Londoners are unaware of these issues, others care passionately but don’t always know how they can act to bring about change.

Thames21’s vision is for London’s rivers to become thriving and dynamic systems once more, protected from pollution, and teeming with animal and plant life. EMPOWER Rivers will expand and support London’s network of citizen scientists and volunteer-led River Action Groups to help make this vision a reality.

Here’s how you can help!

Become a citizen scientist

Get trained

Find out more about River Action Groups

Coming soon: EMPOWER Rivers Restoration and Wetland Creation Grant Scheme

We have £100,000 to award to four large river restoration and wetland creation projects in Greater London. We’ll work with successful applicants to help develop their project and bring in additional match funding. More information coming soon.

Coming soon: EMPOWER Rivers Community Grant Scheme

Do you want to take action for your local river? We are giving out grants of between £100 and £20,000, for small-scale volunteer-led river restoration works and water quality monitoring equipment.

More information coming soon.