Catchment Partnerships

We take a holistic approach in caring for rivers because everything is connected; what happens upstream, affects what happens downstream. This approach unites agencies from across London in managing river issues and echoes the Government’s catchment-based approach to managing the country’s fresh water and transitional water bodies.

There are more than 100 catchments across the country. Thames21 contributes to the Catchment Partnerships in London committee, which is the gathering of all 12 catchment partnerships in the capital, as well as the London Rivers Restoration Group.

In short, this means that community groups, water companies, environmental charities, and governmental bodies meet regularly to discuss the sustainable management of land and water in a geographical area to equally balance the environmental, economic and social demands.

Hosted by Thames21
London Lea
Maidenhead to Teddington (Lower Thames)

Co-Hosted by Thames21

Tidal Thames

Marsh Dykes and Thamesmead

Roding, Beam & Ingrebourne

To learn more, visit the Catchment Based Approach CaBA website, or read Defra’s policy framework.