• Precious chalk stream in Bexley gets health boost

    Press Release 23 February 20 Bexley residents and local wildlife can now enjoy a healthier river Cray where it flows through Foots Cray Meadows, Bexley….

  • Thames21 starts 2021 with a greener, cleaner van

    GPS Marine, a leading marine contractor on the Thames and Medway rivers, revved up 2021 by giving Thames21 a van! Lee McAdam, fleet manager for…

  • Obituary of Celia Hensman MBE: Thames21 founder

    Celia Hensman was a woman of great charm and conviction, who used her formidable intelligence to create lasting, positive change for people and the natural…

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    We reconnect people to nature by helping them enjoy, protect and enhance their local rivers.

    Whether it’s the Thames or one of its many tributaries, we offer inspiring ways for communities to get down to their local riverbank.

    Rivers, canals and stretches of open water are the perfect antidote to urban living – which is one of the reasons thousands of volunteers help us rewild and protect them every year.

    Our aim is to rebuild the relationship between communities and their rivers; restoring river health and boosting wellbeing and community cohesion in the process.

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