• Thames21 launches manifesto and urges river groups to unite ahead of COP26

    River groups must work collaboratively across the globe and put pressure on governments, businesses and society to take swift action on rivers to tackle the…

  • Call to businesses to fund ‘ready to go’ climate resilient river restorations

    Media Release: October 15th Dozens of waterway sites ripe for rewilding, say London Rivers Week organisers A map of 145 ‘ready-to-go’ river restorations will be…

  • Citizen science volunteers ready to contribute to our Plastic Free Mersey project

      Thames21 is proud to announce that its first wave of volunteers have successfully completed their training to be citizen scientists on the Plastic Free…

  • Welcome to Thames21

    We reconnect people to nature by helping them enjoy, protect and enhance their local rivers.

    Whether it’s the Thames or one of its many tributaries, we offer inspiring ways for communities to get down to their local riverbank.

    Rivers, canals and stretches of open water are the perfect antidote to urban living – which is one of the reasons thousands of volunteers help us rewild and protect them every year.

    Our aim is to rebuild the relationship between communities and their rivers; restoring river health and boosting wellbeing and community cohesion in the process.

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