Media enquiries

Thames21’s events and campaign work regularly makes headlines. For all enquiries about our work, contact our media team and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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For all media enquiries please contact the main office on 020 7248 7171 or:

Kirsten Downer – Communications Officer 07711 701696

Melissa Matthews – Communications Manager (job share, Mondays to Wednesdays) 07827 852599

Ian Lamont – Communications Manager (job share, Wednesdays to Fridays)  07739 627667

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Over the years we’ve had lots of enquiries and exposure in the media. These range from the London Mayor Boris Johnson making a splash (as well as national headlines) during our annual 3RiversCleanUp in 2009 to an appearance on A Plastic Tide, Sky’s launch documentary of their #OceanRescue campaign in January 2017.