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For general enquiries, please contact the main office. For something more specific, please find the relevant office or team member below.


Main Office:
Thames21, Walbrook Wharf, C/O City of London Corporation, 78-83 Upper Thames Street, London EC4R 3TD
Tel: 020 7248 7171


Satellite Office:
Thames21, The Lock Office, Bow Locks, Navigation Road, London E3 3JY
Tel: 0207 515 3337


Welsh Harp Environment Education Centre:
Thames21, Welsh Harp Environmental Education Centre, Birchen Grove, London NW9 8RY
Tel: 07734 871728

The Team

Thames21 has a core team of full time staff members, several committed delivery support staff and thousands of public volunteers. Please look down the list and contact the most appropriate person.
Debbie Leach
Thames21 Chief Executive
: 07976 559778
Debbie joined Thames21 as Chief Executive in June 2005, bringing 15 years’ experience in the voluntary sector. Her work with young people’s and educational charities led to a growing interest in broader social inclusion and community development issues. Debbie lives in Putney, and is a keen boater and sailor.
“The great thing about rivers and canals is that they appeal to everyone, regardless of age, background or culture. It is fantastic to see the new friendships formed when people work side by side to improve their local waterway.”


Chris Coode
Deputy Chief Executive and Senior Programmes Manager
Tel: 07813 799757

Chris is head of education and training at Thames21. Before joining Thames21, Chris worked as the Education Coordinator at the London Aquarium, and he has worked as a warden on marine wildlife reserves along the coast of Dorset and Cornwall. He is one of the world’s greatest rockpoolers.


John Bryden
Senior Programmes Manager
River Improvements
Tel: 07968 012828
John is head of river improvements at Thames21. He came to Thames21 from the Environment Agency, where he worked for seven years leading river restoration, wetland, and SuDS projects. He may be appeased with offerings of cricket bats and tea.


Emma Harrington
Head of Volunteering
Tel: 07738 983334
For more than twenty years, Emma has helped communities form volunteer groups, organise events, and connect with key organisations and funders. She was Head of Operations for the Lea Rivers Trust for six years. A native Londoner, she is now ensuring that London’s diverse population is involved in its rivers and waterways.


Michael Heath
Personnel Manager
Tel: 07968 805751
Michael came to Thames21 as River Cray Project Officer in 2011. He has lived near the Cray for more than 18 years, and is a founding member of the Friends of Foots Cray Meadows. Michael is a retired police officer whose other interests include photography, travel, and cooking.


Melissa Matthews
Communications Manager – Strategic Lead (job share)
Tel: 07827 852599
Led by Melissa, our communications team inspires people to become increasingly connected to waterways. Her passion for the natural world grew from childhood interest and flourished during her role at WWF in the UAE. After returning from Dubai, she walked the entire length of the Thames – simply to reconnect with home.


Ian Lamont
Communications Manager (job share)
Tel: 07739 627667
Ian has a background in journalism, digital marketing, and editing. An active cricketer and former sports journalist, his love of the outdoors and passion for recycling are behind his desire to promote environmental issues.


Frances Thurgood
Fundraising Manager
Tel: 07734 871731
Frances has been in the charity sector for more than 25 years. She is experienced in corporate, trust, and major donor giving, and in particular, developing corporate partnerships. Previously, she was Head of Fundraising at Carers UK; before that, she worked for Research Autism. Frances has a secret wealth of knowledge of all the great rock bands, past and future.


Lawrence Beale Collins
Catchment Partnership Coordinator for the Ravensbourne
Tel: 07584 172209

Lawrence joined Thames21 in 2014 to help steer catchment partners through the legislative process of river improvement. Formerly a journalist, he completed a BSc and MSc in environmental studies at UCL in 2010. He leads bird-watching walks and river wades in his spare time, and once shared a lift with the Archbishop of Canterbury.


Billy Coburn
Development Officer
Tel: 07557 970812
Billy has worked at Thames21 for seven years, completing a variety of volunteering and river enhancement projects in the Colne, Crane, Brent and Lower Lea Catchments. He holds a CIWEM accredited MSc in Pollution and Monitoring, with an Urban Surface Run-Off specialisation, utilising computational statistical techniques. His hobbies include playing guitar, badminton and ultimate frisbee.


Luke Damerum
Non-tidal Thames Project Officer
Tel: 07824 491166
Originally a volunteer, Luke soon became a familiar presence at events before becoming a volunteer Riverkeeper. In 2010 he joined the team to coordinate the non-tidal Thames and the River Cray projects. He has a degree in Marine and Fresh Water Biology and, just for fun, is now undertaking one in chemistry.


Kirsten Downer
Communications Officer
Tel: 07711 701696
Kirsten has more than 15 years’ experience of journalism and communications. She’s previously worked for London Wildlife Trust, the RSPB, and the Women’s Environmental Network. She has also worked as an environmental educator and is a trained Forest School teacher. She loves nature writing, collaborating with artists and getting covered in mud.


Ben Fenton
Love the Lea Programme Manager
Tel: 07920 230970
Ben is heading our Love the Lea Programme, helping volunteers install reed beds and tackle water pollution in the Lower Lea Catchment. Ben joined Thames21 in 2008, and his work has included managing the Big Waterways Cleanup in 2012 and the Fixing Broken Rivers Project. Previously, Ben studied Environmental Science at Leeds University.


Edel Fingleton
Education Coordinator
Tel: 07734 871728

Across London, Edel coordinates school and community activities that engage people in learning about and exploring their wonderful local waterways. Before joining Thames21 Edel studied Environmental Science and worked with a range of environmental organisations.


Deb Frankiewicz
Welsh Harp Environmental Education Centre Education Officer
Tel: 07711 701694
Deb develops and delivers the fun and interactive education programme to school groups and the local community at the Welsh Harp Environmental Education Centre in West London. Initially trained as a Geographical Information Systems Analyst in Australia, Deb moved to London and soon discovered her love for working with children in the outdoors.


Molly Gadenz
Training Officer
Tel: 07824 692592

Molly delivers Thames21’s training modules all throughout London. She is always looking for ways to involve even more people in the work of Thames21. After moving from Boston in 2012, she volunteered at many Thames21 events and co-founded a clean-up group called the Lower Regents Coalition. Molly loves hiking, crafting, music, and Buffalo wings.


Alice Hall
Thames River Watch Coordinator
Tel: 07554 402772

Alice jointly coordinates our ‘Thames River Watch’ project, which engages volunteers in monitoring the health of the tidal Thames. Alice also leads Thames21’s work on the Your Tidal Thames project. She studied Environmental Science at the University of Southampton and has worked for the River Restoration Center and the Environment Agency.


Scott Haworth
Land of the Fanns Project Manager
Tel: 07523 512850
Scott joined Thames21 in November 2017, bringing 4 years experience in freshwater ecosystems. Scott is involved in two freshwater ecosystem restoration plans within the Land of the Fanns Project. Scott, who hails from South Africa, is an avid outdoor enthusiast and wishes to spend many days paddling, hiking, or riding through the British countryside.


Karline McCawley
Love the Lea Engagement and Education Officer
Tel: 07739 627665

Karli has always held either environmental or education jobs and joining Thames21 as an engagement and education officer was a perfect fit! Before joining the team she worked as a Geography/Science teacher in south London and as a project manager with EcoSchools in Canada. She is excited to create some dynamic and engaging  sessions along the Lea!


AJ McConville
Thames River Watch Coordinator
Tel: 07585 302623
AJ joined Thames21 in 2015 from the Institute of European Environmental Policy where he worked on biodiversity policy. Interested in grassroots work and urban ecology, AJ delivered the Trout in the Classroom project for the Wandle Trust alongside his policy duties for two years. He plays guitar in a band, these days mostly restricted to friends’ weddings.


Rosie Nelson
Community Modelling Officer
 Tel: 07826 913261
Rosie joined Thames21 after finishing a masters at Durham University. For her thesis, she studied water quality with regards to freshwater pearl mussels in the North York Moors. Having acquired a kayak in a jumble sale, she is always looking for venues around London to make good use of it.


Seren Nelson
Corporate Partnerships Officer
Tel: 07826 913307

After volunteering and managing projects in the UK and South Africa, Seren knows events inside and out. With a background in environmental science, animal behaviour, conservation, and climate mitigation, she wants to motivate others to understand and care for our environments. She is a keen surfer and loves going back to her home coastline in South Wales.


Lucy Shuker
Brent Catchment Partnership Development Manager
Tel: 07523 512848
Lucy has over 15 years of experience in environmental sciences and management, having worked in public, private, academic, and voluntary sectors. Lucy’s ongoing research includes citizen science and natural capital accounting. When she’s not busy cultivating her forest garden, Lucy is working on her yoga and music or getting crafty with mosaics.


Dr Nathalie Gilbert
INTCATCH Project Manager
Tel: 07711 701695
With a PhD and Masters in Environmental Science from the University of East Anglia, Nathalie joined Thames21 as the lab manager. She is now Project Manager for INTCATCH, a multinational project that aims to develop user-friendly water monitoring tools to provide real-time data. 


Caitin Curry
Hogsmill INTCATCH Project Officer
Tel: 07523 512851
After volunteering for environmental projects in Indonesia and working for the UN in Germany, Caitlin is glad to be returning to the UK to help with her local rivers. Now the INTCATCH Project Officer for the Hogsmill, Caitlin looks forward to working with the INTCATCH boats to capture real-time water quality data whilst getting out and about enjoying London’s river walks.


Anna Petras-Forizs
Salmon’s Brook INTCATCH Project Officer
Tel: 07523 512849
Anna joined the charity after a year of volunteering and now she is the INTCATCH project officer in the Salmon’s Brook catchment. She has a degree in environmental science and she is also completing a master’s degree in freshwater management. Unsuprisingly, she likes rivers and frogs and plants.


Tim Pottage
Thamesmead INTCATCH Project Officer
Tel: 07523 512852
As an angler, Tim became interested in aquatic environments, and he went on to study environmental science as a mature student. He is now part of INTCATCH, an EU funded trial of real-time water quality testing technology that seeks to make monitoring accessible to citizen scientists.


Paul Busby
River Pinn INTCATCH Project Officer
Tel: 07554 402727

Paul joined Thames21 in 2016 as the River Pinn Project Officer, having helped found the Friends of the Yeading Brook and River Pinn volunteer group. He is a Chartered Chemist, having worked in Senior Management positions in the Food and Pharmaceutical industries, but has always found time to volunteer. He still volunteers as a Cub Scout Leader.


Vahide Berisha Bazargan
Administration Officer
Tel: 07827 240457

Vahide joined Thames21 as our Administration Officer and is interested in environmental issues having volunteered for foreshore clean ups. Vahide worked at The Carbon Trust when she first started getting interested in environmental issues.  Before that, she worked at Bateaux London luxury boat cruises on the Thames and is happy to be back by the river again. Vahide loves being outdoors, gardening, cooking, crafting and most importantly thinking of ways to lead a life that is kind to nature and wildlife while encouraging others to do the same.