London Rivers Week 2020

** London Rivers Week 2020: 24 October – 1 November  **

Join us to learn about rewilding rivers in London – through films, walks, clean-ups, talks and hunting down secret rivers. 

Full list of events to come: check this page for updates.

There is more than 600km of waterway running through the capital, the same distance between Brighton and Edinburgh – a huge potential resource for people and wildlife not yet fully tapped.

In the past London’s rivers were often hidden behind buildings, artificially straightened or even buried underground. But many lost rivers are now coming back to life – restored back to as natural a state as possible by removing concrete banks, replanting and allowing the river to flow more naturally. London Rivers Week helps you find these rewilded rivers and discover what they can do for you, our city and its wildlife.

There are now more than 30km of beautifully restored stretches of river in London. Check them out and plan your visit using our Secret Wild Spaces in London map

These spaces are havens for wildlife, provide vital green space for Londoners to enjoy, and help our city become more resilient to climate change. 

One of the species which could benefit from rewilded rivers is the critically endangered eel. Find out more about efforts going on to protect and monitor eels in London.

Restoring rivers means improving their connectivity – helping species move about and migrate. Fish still have far too many barriers to navigate: a new Fish Migration Map aims to help identify where these are so we can remove them, and it needs your help! 


London Rivers Week 2019 was sponsored  by Thames Water. Read more about the groups behind the organisation of London Rivers Week.