London Rivers Week

Do you cherish rivers and enjoy exploring them? Do you love the wildlife that roams our countryside? Do you want to learn about what’s being done to protect London’s life-giving rivers and how you can help by getting involved? 

Then join us for the third annual London Rivers Week, running from Saturday June 23 to Sunday July 1. This year’s theme is Valuing Water, and our partners are putting on a fascinating list of free activities, with something for all the family – from walks and talks and a kayak event to demonstrations and even a film premiere. 

How do you perceive London?

Rivers are a hidden gem in London, but a vital resource for wildlife and our wellbeing. There are 600km (372 miles) of waterways in the capital – that’s the same as the distance between Brighton and Edinburgh. Check out our campaign video about reclaiming your local stretch of river!

Rivers need you!

Rubbish and other pollution are threats to our river health and to wildlife. It also ruins our enjoyment of waterways as open spaces to enjoy. Various organisations in London help address these issues, but rely on volunteers who love these spaces to help. London Rivers Week will give you the chance to find out how you can help.


Explore citizen science at our campaign launch event

You won’t want to miss our launch event on Sunday 24th June, at Ladywell Fields from 12pm to 3pm. You’ll be able to become a dragonfly detective, explore what’s in the water through river dipping and make discoveries through riverfly monitoring.

The event will be a showcase of citizen science programmes by a range of partners. Find out, for example, how Thames21 volunteers collect data about the types of plastic found in the Thames, or how water quality is tested by robot boats. 

What you can do and see this week 

During London Rivers Week, you’ll have the chance to learn about the issues that affect many of these rivers.

Do you fancy getting to know your local stretch of river better by clearing litter? Or taking over the invasive species which also choke our rivers? Such events will help you make a difference to these life-giving channels for wildlife and demonstrate how you can help protect waterways.

Otters, trout, bats, kingfishers and eels all use London rivers – but increasingly they need the public’s help to survive and thrive, in the face of plastic pollution, sewage and the impacts of climate change.

Check out this video by wildlife photographer, filmmaker and marine biologist, showing some of the wonderful wildlife you can see around London. 

So what are you waiting for? Take a look at our fantastic range of activities and book your place at one today!

If you can’t wait, whet your appetite by reading case studies about 23 restoration projects which include Ladywell Fields, giving you a world of nature to explore at places that have been rewilded in recent years.

London Rivers Week is sponsored  by Thames Water. Read more about the groups behind the organisation of London Rivers Week.