Water Futures: Secondary students are learning to shape the future of London’s water supply

Thames21, and the CAMELLIA research project, supported by RBC Tech for Nature, have developed a new case study teaching resource for secondary students that explores water resource management.

The resource helps students to answer these key questions:

  • How does water move from the natural environment into the urban water cycle?
  • How might climate change and population increase impact London’s water supply?
  • How can we ensure we don’t run out of water?

The Water Futures model website is a learning tool that explores the ways that scientists, engineers and management authorities make decisions about water resources and visualises changes in London’s water supply under the pressures of climate change and population growth.


The learning case study presents these concepts in a classroom-friendly format and gives students the opportunity to become decision makers by using the model to develop and present their recommendations for managing the future of London’s water resources.

Schools will have access to an education pack to teach this cross-curricular case study over a series of lessons. To find out more go to the CAMELLIA website. If you would like to register your interest in the resource in this resource, please get in touch with Thames21 Deputy Chief Executive Chris Coode on chris.coode@thames21.co.uk.