Restoring Enfield’s Rivers

  • Get active outdoors
  • Protect wildlife
  • Tackle climate change
  • Meet new people

Thames21 is working with Enfield Council and the community to restore the borough’s rivers while boosting people’s physical and mental health. We’re doing this by working together to create new woodlands and wetlands and by providing exciting volunteering opportunities out in nature: read on to find out how to get involved!

Healing our rivers

All of Enfield’s rivers suffer from pollution, including the Pymmes, Salmon’s and Turkey Brooks, tributaries of the River Lea. In the north of the borough farmland pollutants run into rivers, causing algae to spread and oxygen levels to drop, which can be fatal for wildlife. In the urban part of the borough vehicle pollutants are washed into rivers from roads when it rains, disturbing their natural balance. Heavy downpours and droughts intensify these pollution problems and make it harder for species to survive – and these weather events are happening more frequently due to climate change.

Wetlands and trees to the rescue

Firs Farm wetland, one of Enfield’s wetlands

Many of Enfield’s parks contain wetlands, created to soak up and filter pollutants before they reach the rivers. As well as improving water quality these wetlands are beautiful spaces, attracting wonderful wildlife like birds, frogs, newts and dragonflies. The project will work with local people to make sure these wetlands are working well and providing a home for wildlife to flourish.

The project will also connect with London’s largest reforestation project to restore Enfield Chase and the Salmon’s Brook. As well as planting 100 000 trees, this reforestation project will create new wetlands and ponds to slow down rainwater before it enters the Salmon’s Brook, reducing the risk of flooding downstream and reducing river pollution by filtering out pollution from nearby farms.

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Planting trees as part of London’s largest reforestation project in Enfield

A healthier landscape

Our vision is for these new wetlands and woodlands to transform the health of Enfield’s rivers and become thriving spaces for wildlife and people. Combined with natural flood management, these landscapes will hold and slow water flow and make the landscape more resilient to the extremes of climate change.

The reforestation plans for Enfield

A healthier community

Spending time outside in nature, especially in blue-green spaces, can improve our health. Our volunteering sessions offer you the chance to connect with nature, get physically active, meet people and make a positive difference to your local area. We have created a nature prescribing programme for people who want to improve their physical and mental health by volunteering with us at our sessions and events.

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Planting up the restored river in Albany Park, Enfield