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Partner with Thames21

“We were on the lookout for a dynamic, forward-thinking charity who could inspire our employees to rally around an environmental cause and my goodness Thames21 has really delivered this for us.”

 Louise Skinner, Head of Octopus Giving

Thames21 is a leading environmental charity, working across London and the Thames Basin to deliver nature-based, community-focused solutions to the climate and biodiversity crises. 

We work with corporate partners on river restoration and landscape regeneration projects at scale, whilst also connecting communities with their local blue-green spaces and inspiring long-term stewardship of them.

  • Deliver climate, nature and community-related SDG’s
  • Build flood resilience and decrease flood risk
  • Reduce operational, financial, and reputational risks  
  • Increase biodiversity and reduce nature loss
  • Sustain a more resilient supply chain  
  • Engage your employees through physical and professional volunteering
  • Enhance community resilience 

Discover what one of our major corporate partnerships looks like on our Octopus Group case study page


Corporate philanthropy helps charities deliver transformational impacts. 

Show your charitable leadership through a donation which empowers Thames21 to turbo charge its mission to build climate and community resilience across London and the Thames Basin. 

Email now to learn more about the impacts your donation will have.


“Tideway has been a proud supporter and corporate partner of Thames21 since 2015. 
We share a desire to reconnect Londoners to the river and the brilliant community engagement of the Thames River Watch programme has included not just communities but also our own staff. 
There has also been the wider value of fostering a responsible business culture, which has paid rich dividends in terms of staff engagement levels.”
John Sage, Head of Corporate Responsibility, Tideway

Place your business at the heart of nature-based, community-focused solutions by funding a project that delivers specific goals, for example:

Deliver measurable improvements to water quality and biodiversity

Reduce flood risk to commercial and residential properties 

Train citizen scientists to tackle plastic pollution and monitor water quality

Inspire people all across London and the Thames basin to get involved in their local rivers

Support young people on their pathway to ‘green’ jobs


“The responsible management of river environments is vital not just to our business but also to the sustainability of cities, towns and wildlife. 
Through our partnership, we designed and created a 3,000m2 of wetland in Broomfield Park, North London. It stores fresh water and improves water quality, which is hugely important to the water-stressed Thames Basin catchment. 
We’re thrilled with what the partnership has delivered so far.”

Holly Firmin, Senior Community Partnerships Manager at Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) GB

Water stewardship is “the use of water that is socially and culturally equitable, environmentally sustainable and economically beneficial, achieved through a stakeholder-inclusive process that includes both site- and catchment-based actions.” – Alliance for Water Stewardship

Thames21 delivers nature-based solutions such as urban wetlands that naturally filter polluted water and return – sometimes known as ‘Replenish’ – a volume of water of improved quality to the local catchment in ways that: 

– Address shared water challenges for local communities and stakeholders
– Have a measurable and positive impact on the availability, quality, and accessibility of water within a catchment
– Align with best practice for corporate water stewardship  

Ideally placed to identify and implement measurable and cost-effective interventions, Thames21 works with companies such as Coca-Cola, Google, and Microsoft to deliver ambitious water stewardship objectives.  


Create positive impacts for your brand and position your public profile with climate and communities by sponsoring Thames21’s work.
We can offer bespoke opportunities like sponsoring London Rivers Week or helping Thames21 move towards net zero with cleaner, greener vans. 


Get Your Wellies On!

Get your team hands-on, taking action on London’s rivers, as part of any corporate partnership. We can design a bespoke package to inspire your team and help you meet your engagement and volunteering targets. 

Click here to discover how one of our partners – Tideway – benefits from volunteering with Thames21.


Donate your team’s time and expertise to help Thames21 develop and grow its impacts, whilst building those volunteering hours and supporting your employee engagement goals.

Thames21 has worked with experts in a wide range of disciplines, from law to advocacy, business growth to design. Our partners find working with us motivating and are excited to donate their skills to help deliver our work.

Watch our video to hear about the positive impact on employees as well as Thames21!


Inspire your team to fundraise for Thames21! Get in touch for ideas about how your team can raise money for our cause and have fun at the same time!


We begin each of our partnerships with a conversation. 

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