Corporate Partnerships

Strengthen the brand of your organisation through a corporate partnership while contributing to our work on London’s waterways. Engage customers, staff and other stakeholders through:

Cause-related marketing; focused, creative and engaging marketing opportunities e.g. percentage of the sale price of a product supports our work.

Sponsorship including Thames21 vehicles and events.

Corporate  Volunteering

Pro Bono Work

Direct project funding:
Our projects have huge and measurable impact on London’s’ waterway environment as well as strengthening communities and empowering individuals.
See more about our projects here.

Engage your staff
From team volunteer days to staff fundraising ideas, all Thames21 projects have opportunities to involve the skills, energy and enthusiasm of your colleagues.

Engage your customers
Thames21 is the leading waterway charity in London. Its unique approach of community involvement in environmental improvements is increasingly being followed across the country. We are committed to local communities and to improving their waterways. It is a great time to work with us to improve your relationship with your customers and to strengthen your public profile.

For more information on how we can work together contact Fundraising Manager Alison Archer by email or on  07554 402 772.