Brent Riverside Connections project

The section of the river Brent between Wembley Park and the Welsh Harp is overgrown, neglected and flytipped. This project will revitalise the riverside walkway by cutting back dense vegetation to let more light in, and by removing invasive non-native species (INNS) and high fencing.

This river section links the popular Wembley Park to the Welsh Harp Reservoir Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), and offers residents the chance to explore natural areas of Brent that they may not have seen before.

We will work together with the local community to enhance understanding of the river environment and offer conservation training with a focus on developing skills, sharing knowledge and increasing a sense of ownership of this blue-green space.

A new footbridge and natural play area will make it easier for communities to use the blue-green space. The walkway will connect up the wider network of green spaces in Brent, including Quainton Recreation Ground and the Welsh Harp Reservoir. 

The walkway leads from Wembley Park to Quainton Street Open Space, where the river has recently been restored through our Restoring Brent Rivers and Communities project. Managing the dense scrub to allow views of the river will let in more light, increase safety and give people the chance to see the beautiful river Brent and its wildlife.  New interpretation boards will help raise awareness of local wildlife to look out for.

Thames21 has worked with volunteers to restore the river Brent where it runs through Quainton Street Open Space

Working with the community we will  transform the landscape by removing invasive species such as Himalyan balsam, and by rescuing the river from a backlog of plastic and other waste. We aim to boost biodiversity by creating different habitats such as dead hedges, log piles and pond improvements.

Our vision is of a healthy river Brent, running through attractive green spaces which are well loved and valued by local people.