Hounslow SuDS project

Project background

Hounslow Council was awarded the Thames Water Strategic Partnership (TWSP) in 2019. This is a five-year programme running from 2020-2025 aimed at improving surface water management and sewer capacity across the borough using Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)

Nine SuDS schemes are being delivered across the borough. Thames21 are leading on the community engagement for these schemes.

Thames21’s engagement programme is focused on improving the communities understanding of SuDS and their benefits, as well as getting people involved with the SuDS being delivered in their area.

What are SuDS?

SuDS aim to reduce surface water flooding, improve water quality, and enhance the amenity and biodiversity value of the environment. SuDS come in many forms including raingardens, swales, green roofs and wetlands.

Benefits of SuDS

  • Reduce surface water flooding
    • Climate change increases the risk of flooding by increasing the frequency and intensity of rainfall.
    • SuDS store and gradually release rainwater. This helps to slow the flow of water to the drainage network and local rivers. This reduces the risk of flooding from sewers and rivers.
  • Improve water quality
    • By creating natural filtration systems, SuDS can help to remove pollutants from both the air and dirty water from road run-off. This reduces local air pollution and contaminants reaching the our rivers.
  • Enhance biodiversity value of the environment
    • SuDS are planted with wildlife-friendly plants. This helps attract pollinators and other local species.
  • Improve green spaces
    • The installation of SuDS gives us the opportunity to invest in and improve our green spaces for the benefit of the wider community.

Most of the SuDS being delivered are raingardens. Raingardens soak up and hold rain water and runoff from paved surfaces. Despite the name, they are usually dry and only hold water following high rainfall events.

At Thornbury Park a swale is being delivered. Swales are shallow, vegetated channels used to temporarily collect and move water during high rainfall events. Their sides are slightly sloping and they are flat on the bottom.

Where are they being installed?

  • Beaversfield Park
  • Wellington Road North
  • Renfrew Road
  • Brabazon Road
  • Burns Way/Shelley Crescent
  • Thornbury Park

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