Getting London Fishing

This new joint initiative by the Environment Agency, Angling Trust and Thames21 aims to boost angling opportunities and the number of anglers in the capital.

Thames21’s Grant Fear, an experienced urban angler with a wealth of knowledge about the sport and London’s waterways has been appointed as the project coordinator.

This project aims to promote and make accessible London’s wide range of excellent angling waters, many of which Thames21 has helped clean up over the past decade.  As well as the River Thames, there is a network of rivers, canals, reservoirs and ponds throughout the capital, but information about where to fish can be hard to come by, particularly for young people.

Grant will work with communities and existing angling clubs, as well as new Angling Action Groups which he will help develop, to build public awareness and encourage participation in responsible angling.

Angling is an excellent activity for young or disaffected people as it encourages concentration, understanding of, and respect for, the natural world and builds a range of skills.  It has been shown to have a transformational effect on many young people who have got into trouble in the past. Additionally, the presence of anglers on the waterside can help prevent litter, graffiti, vandalism and reduce the rate and fear of crime.  Recent research has highlighted the important role that anglers play in maintaining and improving water environments.

This project is being partly funded by rod licence money via the Environment Agency and Sport England funding. It is an example of how rod licence money is reinvested into protecting and improving fisheries and into the sport of angling.

For more information, or to get involved, contact Grant Fear, 07969 645 201.

For more information about recent research highlight the beneficial effect of angling, go to: Fishing for Answers at