Priory Road: SuDS Highway

As part of the Love the Lea campaign Thames21 is working
with the London Borough of Haringey and the Environment Agency to deliver an exciting new project.

Priory Road:SuDS Highway (formally Greenstreets) is a partnership project that aims to show how river pollution can be cut and surface water flooding risk reduced with community participation.

The River Moselle flows through Haringey from Queens Wood in Muswell Hill to Markfield Park in South Tottenham where it joins the Lea. From Queens Wood the Moselle is hidden as it passes through Hornsey, Wood Green and Crouch End in a pipe underground. We don’t see the river, so we don’t see it being polluted by misconnected plumbing from properties on it’s route underground and surface water runoff.  We know there are misconnected pipes feeding the Moselle, it’s evidenced by the absence of life where the river is visible and by the volume of sewage fungus growing on the plants.

The London Borough of Haringey has identified 9 Critical Drainage Areas (CDA) and we’ll be focusing on Drainage Area 55; this covers most of Hornsey, Muswell Hill and Crouch End wards and the projected flow of the Moselle on it’s underground journey. These drainage areas have been specially mapped to project the risk of flooding from surface water in a very severe rain storm; they show where water is likely to form ponds and the flow pathways.

We’re seeking to raise awareness to residents in Drainage Area 55 about:

  • The River Moselle
  • Pollution from misconnected plumbing and road run off
  • Flood risk and alleviation measures
  • Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) and hopes to implement two retrofit SuDS

We have identified three sites for potential refrofit SuDS, you can see our concept designs of each site below
Rectory Gardens Rainpark
Priory Common Rainmeadow
Dale Court Raingarden

You can read our  Community Engagement Plan here
You can download our Residents Information Booklet here

We would love to have you involved at every stage of the project, right from the planning and initial ideas through to planting in the SuDS, maintaining them and monitoring how they work. Lots of people are already involved and we really value the input, so thank you.

For more information or if you would like to get involved please contact
Vicki Paternoster
07501 697 096