Modular River Physical Survey – MoRPh


Thames21 and our volunteers are using the MoRPh research tool to record and monitor the physical features and habitats on a number of rivers around London. This citizen science monitoring can help wildlife by revealing physical habitat condition and changes following improvement works or other events.

What is MoRPh?

  • MoRPh is a tool developed for citizen scientists to record physical habitat features that support diverse aquatic wildlife.
  • The MoRPh field survey is designed to be quick, require no specialist equipment and carried out from the bank.
  • It allows monitoring and interpretation of physical habitat within short lengths of river – 10 m to 40 m lengths or ‘modules’.
  • It has been developed by researchers at Queen Mary’s University in collaboration with the Environment Agency and Catographer.

MoRPh Training

Volunteers are required to take part in an informative and practical one day course before being set up as MoRPh surveyors.  It is a great opportunity to look in detail at your local waterway and learn what it reveals about the health of the river.
The course includes:

  • identifying river and riparian features
  • how to use the Modular River (Physical) Survey
  • how to upload data online to plot the results on a Google map
  • using the data to compare your river to other rivers across the UK.

Thames21 are offering a fully funded one day training course to volunteers who are enthusiastic about becoming MoRPh surveyors and supporting our work through citizen science research.

Upcoming Training Dates

River Cray, Hall Place Classroom, Bexley DA5 1PQ – Wednesday 18th September, 10:00 – 16:00
Click here to book a place on this course.