Roundmoor vision statement

Vision Statement

This two year project will see Thames21, London’s leading waterways charity, work with local people to restore the Roundmoor Ditch, as it flows across Dorney Common next to Eton Wick.

Work has already begun with meetings between local stakeholders to develop an agreed programme of work that will improve this unique waterway.   The project will be community focused–providing local people with training and support that will enable them to protect and revegetate river banks, improve flows in the channel and understand how to manage their river in the longer term.  Thames21 will provide expert guidance and assistance throughout the duration of the project by running events and supervising all the work in the river.

This project also aims to improve local understanding of the river and its relationship with the Slough Treatment Works and local flood risk.  Slough STW discharges treated effluent into the Roundmoor Ditch, which can account for 95% of its flow from this point on.  Although it is comprised mainly of treated wastewater, Roundmoor Ditch has a healthy habitat with a good fishery. The constant inflow of effluent means that the river does not dry up in summer, as other rivers in the area can. The project will also run an education programme that will link with the Thames Water Education Centre at Slough Sewage Treatment Works and provide a range of learning opportunities for local schools.

Thames21 believes that this project will improve an already valued local area, create a greater sense of ownership and local understanding and deliver a truly wonderful river which is at the heart of community life for many years to come.