Help make plastic pretty!

rubbish shaped into a duck shaped figureThames21 has long been interested in transforming waterway waste into more attractive creations, and now we have teamed up with two inventive MA students with a creative solution for unwanted plastic bottles.

The MA Communication Design students from Central Saint Martins, Ferdinand Povel and Essie Salonen, were driven by a concern for plastic pollution and the negative effect it has on the local environment. From here, plans developed to help inspire and educate Londoner’s to keep their waterways clean, culminating in a giant ‘Rubbish Duck’ sculpture, made from around 1500 to 2000 plastic bottles, which they hope to moor at a central waterway location.

Essie and Ferdinand’s duck has now fully hatched, thanks to their efforts in collecting bottles at our Big Waterways Clean Up events, and will get its feathers wet for the first time on Saturday July 14 at the Regent’s Canal Festival!

Find out more about the duck and the inspiration behind it in the short film below, or for more information contact:
Essie on: or Ferdinand on:



Rubbish Duck from Ferdinand Povel on Vimeo.