Diving for Debris

Mid-September saw a different kind of event for Thames21 – an underwater clean-up organised in partnership with Kingston University Sub Aqua Club. Club member Chris Elliot attended training with Thames21 back in April; his vision being to use divers to reach shopping trolleys and other large litter from the murky depths of the Upper Thames by Kingston. Last month his vision was realised, and a team of experienced divers took the plunge and found a plethora of sodden items to haul from the river.

The University’s netball and football team came out in force to hoist chunks of rusted and filthy metal out of the river and along to two large skips which had been hired especially. It was not light work; by the end of the day, over 30 trolleys had been cleared. The people of Kingston were certainly appreciative, so let’s hope it yields some new volunteers!

You can see some more photos of the day by following this link

Chris hopes to carry out another clean-up later this year which will be formally accredited by Thames21.