The Thames Road Wetland Project

Part of the Cray Catchment, the Thames Road Wetland is located at Thames Road (River Cray Bridge) DA1 4RFThe wetland was created in 2007 by the London Borough of Bexley. This compact site of 2.4 ha (6 acre) presents a number of management challenges. Never-the-less it packs a large and impressive punch in terms of the species to be found here. Noted for a list of plants that are uncommon in London and Kent, it hosts twelve species of odonata, seven species of reptile and amphibian, and a growing suite of breeding and visiting birds, including one of the few Bittern’s recorded in Bexley. Being an urban wetland the site needs to be tended to remove existing and new rubbish and to retain its wetland and variety of habitat with minimum disturbance to the wildlife.

The site is managed by volunteer Chris Rose through Thames21 for the London Borough of Bexley. To see his PowerPoint Presentation on the site click on:






These images show how the wetland was created on open ground around one of Bexleys lost Rivers ‘The Wansunt’ as part of the Thames Road widening scheme, Today the site has develped into a wetland with a variety of habitats. However being enclosed the vegetation needs to be managed to prevent drying out into a woodland (succession) and to ensure the reed mace does not become too dominant.

Look out for opportunities to come along and volunteer at this site through a programme of Thames21 events at the wetland. Particularly vegetation control and enhancement which take place during the autumn and winter months.

For more information on the Thames Road Wetland contact the catchment project officer –