Buses not stopping

Earlier this month it was back to school for me and a pleasure to facilitate Plumstead Manor School, geography student’s field trip on the Cray. We also returned with volunteers to:

River Clean Waterside Gardens Crayford

Hall Place and worked with the Bexley Heritage Trust, although as the Cray was in spate we were restricted to working on the river bank. Also at Waterside Gardens Crayford with our annual river clean to complement the war memorial within the Gardens. Passers-by were keen to point out their submerged bus stop. Images by Ron Pearson.

Return to Shelter from the River

There is a break now from our activities, However, some places remain for:

Day 1 – Tuesday 25th November 1000 to 1430 – Will be a training course to learn how to undertake the traditional woodland management technique of coppicing – the course will cover the reasons why woodlands were traditionally coppiced, the wildlife value of coppicing and the methodology adopted to carry out the technique of coppicing.

Day 2 – Monday 8th December 1000 to 1430 – Will be a training course to learn how to undertake the river restoration technique of bankside willow spiling – the course will cover the benefits of willow spiling verses hard engineering solutions adopted to prevent bankside erosion. The course will also cover the methodologies used in carrying out willow spiling

Please contact me to secure a space on each of these days

Up and Coming

The Thames Road Wetland needs your help with the winter management days planned for Thursday 4th and Tuesday 9th December. Starts 1100 meet Thames Road Wetland Thames Road j/w Crayford Way (Jolly Farmer PH Roundabout) DA1 4RF Entrance to byway 105 River Cray Bridge.

Michael Heath

Cray Project Officer

13 November 2014