Coir Flora Mats submerged just in time! And next Event

Dear All

Coir Flora Mats submerged just in time! And next Event

What a wonderful response to my last minute request for a volunteer team to get the coir mats planted with marginal flora into the river Cray at Foots Cray Meadows, the plants would not have lasted much longer on a pallet in the sunshine. A big well done and thanks to, Ron, Ian, Ray, Malcolm, Brian and Rob. Thanks also for the Logistical support from Kelseys where they now serve Sunday Lunch (it’s wise to book a table).


Coir Mat being positioned

There is more to be done by the Volunteer River keepers with the Veolia Funded Project the next session is again Friday:


When we need to continue with the willow spiling bank repairs and next Friday we will stake out weave willow across some of the damaged sections ready for the return of the Digger next month back fill. Meet Friday 24th April 1030am at Leafield lane entrance to Foots Cray Meadows, North Cray Road, DA14 5EB, Bring your own pruning saw when we can transfer and secure them into the river at Water Lane. Later I recommend you join me at one of our work sites the Dartfordians RFC Ground, Bourne Road, Bexley DA5 1LW from 1700 for the Bexley Beer Festival!

coir and marginal flora matting within the new marginal area
coir mats in placr image Ron P

Below is last week caption competition, Thanks to my Natural Environment Conscious Chris Rose for his funny and (as always) with a message contribution.


Ron: When Chris Rose finds out we've wrecked this Water Vole habitat he'll chop us up and feed us to the fish. Brian: No he won't he's a vegan.

So again our event and team call up is Friday




Michael Heath

Cray Project Officer

17 April 2015

A coir Mat being positioned.