Volunteers take on the Brent Reservoir

DaniellaAt the beginning of the year, fed up of seeing litter and fed up of nothing been done about it, I had a veritable light bulb moment and decided to do something about it. So I started picking litter while out walking the dogs, and the most amazing thing happened, random people kept stopping me and asking if they could get involved.


I looked into organising a group clean-up and discovered Thames21.

I couldn’t believe that they were offering free training and immediately signed up to the ‘Leading a Waterway Clean-up’ course. I don’t live near the Thames but quite a few places I haunt have badly neglected waterways. The training was invaluable; most of all, it was inspiring meeting others who were taking action to keep their environs clean.

I’m writing this having just led my first clean-up at the Brent reservoir, and with the support of Thames21 and the Canal and River Trust. It was easy to organise and it really exceeded my expectations! Twelve people turned up and a well behaved dog; we managed to clear about thirty bags of rubbish. Best of all, everyone was keen to come back for another event, which is already in the planning!

Daniella Levene
Thames21 Trainee

Daniella completed Thames21’s ‘Leading a Waterway Cleanup’ course in February 2015. If you would like to follow in Daniella’s footsteps and want to know more about Thames21’s training programme, click here.