5p plastic bag charge comes to England

killer_bag_sas_webAnyone who has ever joined a Thames21 river cleanup will be all too familiar with our frustration with single use carrier bags.
This plastic waste frequently litters our foreshore, rivers and oceans, breaking up into smaller and smaller pieces but never breaking down. Not only does it make our natural areas look unsightly, it also causes immeasurable damage to wildlife, ecosystems and the foodchain.
Since 2012, Thames21 have been part of the ‘Break the Bag Habit‘ coalition. .
We’re pleased to report that shoppers will now be charged a minimum of 5p for single use plastic bags as of the 5th October 2015.
Our work is not done however; carrier bag charges are only applicable to large retailers that employ 250 or more full time equivalent employees. Medium and small businesses are exempt from this charge but are encouraged to do so voluntarily.
We need to encourage these smaller retailers to add a charge for single use carrier bags. And we must also encourage shoppers to reuse their bags.
Take the pledge and refuse single use bags.