Study: Antibiotic resistant bacteria in the Thames


Water quality testing on the tidal Thamesforeshore. Photo by Corporate Headshots LondonMiddlesex University and Thames21 are calling for volunteers willing to collect a sample of water from the Thames. The research is looking at the ecology of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the Thames – measuring how antibiotic-resistant bacteria replicate in the Thames with the aim of understanding the extent to which the Thames is a reservoir for these bacteria. If you are interested in being involved you just need to collect a sample of water from the Thames at some point in November or December – then freeze the sample – then drop it off at our main office in City of London.

Things you need to know
• We need three or four volunteers in each of these areas – Reading to Weybridge, Pimlico to North Greenwich, Erith to Gravesend (the areas are approximate – if you are interested to being involved but would access the Thames just outside of these areas then please get in touch).
• Select a location in one of these three areas where you can safely access the Thames – we can provide guidance on access points and how to access the Thames safely. In the Pimlico to North Greenwich area we ideally need samples to be taken near combined sewage outfall points – we can provide details of where these are located!
• Go to the Thames once in November or December and collect a sample of water from the Thames. The sample should be collected in a 2L bottle (previously used for water – bottles used for lemonade, coke or other drinks cannot be used).
• Take the bottle home and freeze the sample.
• Bring the frozen sample to Thames21’s office in City of London before 24th December.
Keen to be involved? Please contact Alice Hall. Please state in your e-mail the approximate area where you will collect your water sample from.