Volunteers’ Week 2016

Our network of volunteers help us achieve bigger and better when it comes to bringing about effective and lasting change for urban rivers.

This Volunteers’ Week, (1-12 June 2016) we are highlighting just two of the hundreds, or even thousands, of dedicated volunteers who commit their time to helping us put healthy rivers back at the heart of community life.

Spotlight on volunteer Sufiyo Andersson:

Sufiyo runs regular clean-ups in the Ham area and is passionate about improving the health of our rivers
Sufiyo runs regular clean-ups in the Ham area and is passionate about improving the health of our rivers.

Engaging people in tackling the litter issue is something Sufiyo is passionate about. After taking the Thames21’s Leading a Waterway Clean-Up training in July 2015, she now leads her own clean-up activities along the Thames Path in Ham.

She always hosts an information table at her events to help spread the message of the charity’s work and has even created her own posters to get people thinking about how they too can be part of reducing litter in our waterways.

Sufiyo said: I feel really pleased about how my events have gone.  The course has inspired me. I feel more relaxed hosting clean-ups now and it makes me realise how much fun it is to work in a team, whilst caring for the environment and the community.”

Spotlight on volunteer Danielle Levine:

Daniella’s journey with Thames21 echoes that of a river, meandering through and becoming acutely in tune with the landscape of the charity. As a regular host of waterway clean-ups after attending our accredited training, Daniella has branched out into other avenues.

Making a difference is what makes Daniella tick!
Making a difference is what makes Daniella tick!

She’s also helped test water quality and clear overgrown areas across a number of the tributaries of the Thames.

Daniella said: “I really have learnt a lot from Thames 21, especially about the nasty things which affect our waterways and how as individuals we can all make a difference. I appreciate waterways so much more and realise how we are all connected by them. What one does locally has an impact further afield.”

Hear hear Daniella!

To get involved with clean-ups in the Hendon area, you can email Daniella on northwestlondoncleanup@hotmail.com  

To become a volunteer with us, check out our Training page and be sure to keep close watch over our Events Calendar for upcoming opportunities!