Send pupils back to Stone Age in our new Key Stage 2 session

Thames21 has an exciting new Key Stage 2 session available at our Welsh Harp Environmental Education Centre which will provide a fantastic day of outdoor learning for all young historians.

The session, called Stone Age Survivors, is based around a trail of activities. It is a stimulating opportunity for pupils to step back in time and explore what day-to-day living might have been like in the Stone Age.

Using our lovely woodlands as the main activity area, primary school pupils will become immersed in this habitat as they undertake activities focused on various daily tasks of the time.

Picture courtesy of Creative Commons

Pupils will learn about the pre-history timeline starting from the Stone Age. They’ll also think about the activities and important developments that occurred during this time, all while experiencing what it might have been like to live then. The activities they undertake will answer three main questions:

  • What did people eat? An introduction to foraging, how was food gathered, hunted, and cooked. See a fire lighting demonstration using flints.
  • Where did people live? Pupils will build a mini Stone Age shelter.
  • How did people communicate? Play Stone Age Pictionary, make paint using a pestle and mortar, and create a cave painting to take back to school.

The session lasts 2 hours and can be delivered from 10am to 12 noon or 12.30pm to 14.30pm.

To book your class in for this exciting look back into history, telephone Edel Fingleton Thames21 Education Coordinator on 07734 871 728. Alternatively, you can book a session here and we will call you back to confirm your booking and discuss any specific arrangements. We will then send you a confirmation email and look forward to welcoming you to the Welsh Harp Environmental Education Centre.