All March, April & May events postponed due to coronavirus

In light of the latest government guidance, Thames21 is postponing all our March, April and May events. 

We are working as usual, but not from our main office. Please contact us via the email and mobile numbers listed under the Contact Us section of our website.

We intend to resume running all events and activities as soon as it is safe to do so, as we know how much people enjoy them and want to protect our rivers. We will post updates on social media and on the news pages of our website so check back for updates.

In the meantime, we’re thinking about all the many ways we can work together to protect our rivers during this coronavirus outbreak. We’d love to hear from you about the rivers you love and the actions you’ve been taking to protect them. If you’re on social media do share your thoughts with us! You can find us on Twitter as @Thames21 and also on Facebook and Instagram.

One way we can all show our love for rivers is by avoiding unnecessary plastic packaging, single-use plastic and single-use items in general. With less of us commuting and less distractions, this gives some of us an opportunity to slow down and reflect about what we can do differently to protect each other and the planet.

We know we need to wash our hands more thoroughly and regularly, and keep things clean during this outbreak. We would urge people to use wet wipe alternatives such as cloths, flannels and reusable wet wipes, but if you must use them then always #BinDontFlush.

Even though you can’t get out to any of our events, you can still donate to Thames21 – this can help us bounce back from the negative impacts of coronavirus on our work.

For all of us who will really miss getting out to river events, you can feast your eyes and ears on many river-related resources. Here are just two below. Stay safe and wishing you all the very best from the team here at Thames21.

Rambling About Rivers podcast:

The Living Thames: