Revitalising Gallions Lake: A collaborative effort for a sustainable future

Thames21, in partnership with the local community, housing association Peabody, wetland designers Aquamaintain, and Biomatrix, has announced the successful completion of river improvement works at Gallions Lake, based in south-east London. This collaborative effort has aimed to enhance the ecological diversity and water quality of the lake, creating a vibrant and sustainable environment for both residents and wildlife.

On the 15 February, Thames21 led a well-attended river improvement event. The charity worked in collaboration with volunteers and Aquamaintain to help plant 300 aquatic plants in a newly constructed wetland system within Gallions Lake. These carefully chosen plants will play a crucial role in improving water quality and attracting a variety of wildlife to the area.

Continuing this momentum, on the 23 February, Thames21, Peabody, and the local community joined forces to assemble two floating wetland units designed by Biomatrix Water. This hands-on initiative involved not only the construction of these units but also the planting of additional native species. This holistic approach ensures a well-rounded and sustainable aquatic ecosystem for Gallions Lake, made possible through the SYMBIOREM project (an EU project which aims to use the bioremediation capabilities of microorganisms, microbiomes, proteins, plants and animals to remove pollution from the environment.)

The project showcases the dedication of Thames21, Peabody, and the community to environmental conservation and community engagement. By involving the residents in the selection of native species, such as Forget-Me-Not, Pennyroyal, Yellow Iris, and Dwarf Ragged Robin, the project aims to maximize ecological benefits. These carefully chosen plants provide essential food, shelter, and breeding grounds for local wildlife, while also attracting vital pollinators and acting as natural filters for water pollutants.

Residents of Thamesmead are witnessing a positive transformation of Gallions Lake, turning it into a thriving hub for biodiversity and community connection. The success of this project highlights the potential when public and private

Picture – © Richard Heald