EMPOWER Rivers Large Grant

Healthy rivers are a vital part of the natural environment, but London’s rivers are far from reaching their ecological potential. None are classed as having good ecological status under the EU Water Framework Directive. Most are highly modified, shaped by urbanisation, and human intervention that has compromised their ecological integrity and reduced the benefits they can provide for people and wildlife. London’s rivers suffer from a range of pollutions issues including sewage pollution, road run-off and agricultural pollution which can have disastrous consequences for river ecosystems. Climate change is increasing the frequency of extreme rainfall events and as a result flooding is becoming a problem of increasing magnitude.

To address these issues, Thames21 is supporting the adoption of Nature-based Solutions (NbS). River restoration and wetland creation can help create rivers that are resilient to the impacts of climate change, with cleaner water, thriving ecosystems and vibrant communities who come to enjoy them.

Thames21 is awarding four grants of £100k to fund four large river restoration and/or wetland creation schemes in Greater London over the next four years. The charity is looking for schemes that have demonstrable benefits for river ecosystems and the communities that surround them. One grant will be awarded each year from 2024 – 2027. The deadline for this round of applications is 5pm July 3rd 2024.

This grant is awarded as part of EMPOWER Rivers, a Thames21 project funded by the Lund Trust.

You can find full information on this grant scheme here:

EMPOWER Rivers Large Grant Information

To request and application form and budget template please email empowerrivers@thames21.org

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