Good for Nothing Makes Time for Thames21

Our star developers, Tom Wilshere and Peter Hamilton, work to crack our online map

Thames21 was thrilled to be part of the high energy and creative buzz created by Good for Nothing and its Make Time event at the weekend.

We were lucky enough to be selected as a beneficiary of one of the duo’s innovative hack days, which aim to harness volunteered creative talent for an intense burst of brainstorming and real output for a good cause.

The results were astounding, we came away with a prototype of a revamped online version of our Waterway Treasure Map, a corresponding iphone app and a stock animation video!

The charity was first invited to take part through its involvement in Sony’s Open Planet Ideas crowd-sourced concept +U app, which allows people to locate and register for volunteer opportunities near them on their mobile.

From here, the ideas grew to how to take Thames21, waterway volunteering and online interactivity to the next level.

Watch this space!