Brentford Canoe Trips

Throughout June and July, Thames21 saw the first canoe trips tailored especially for volunteers with disabilities.

Aboard katakanus, we paddled along the River Brent from Brentford Lock, volunteers were able to spot litter and local wildlife while learning new skills combined with water safety and environmental awareness.

Katakanus have been specifically designed to provide a water based activity with a high safety level and a lower fear level than existing crafts. Katakanus are a disability friendly craft that enables more vulnerable members of society to enjoy our waterways.

Along the route we spotted an abundance of plastic bottles and other litter, some of which had been used by resident coots to build their nests.

The trips have been organised in co-operation with Brentford Community Trust and Give them a Sporting Chance.

For more information about Katakanus, click here.