A Reflective Brian at the Tower of London

Dear All

Wet weather returned this week, particularly heavy on Wednesday which forced the postponement of the river enhancement work. If this made it a quiet week not so for Brian Riches (Volunteer River Keeper) having volunteered with Ron and others for Thames21 duty at the Tower Archaeology Weekend these last two yaers.

Ron and Brian on Thames21 Tower Duty

Well this year we saw the artists at work preparing the poppies, and so: On Wednesday Brian did his volunteer shift planting the display of 888,246 ceramic poppies at the Tower of London to commemorate the British and Commonwealth Fatalities during the First World War. Well done Brain we are really proud of you.

A Reflective Brian at the Tower

Brian is back with the Cray Thames21 team assisting St Pauls Academy for their environmental and community work this Saturday. Indeed much of the week has been spent preparing for this event. The week also included a shift at the HQ Stores and Catchment Partnership Meetings.

Next Week and Beyond

By the time you read this I should have published my programme for events through to the end of December. The reality is that even with summer behind us there is a lot going on here on the Cray and throughout the Thames21 projects. Chris needs volunteers and some sessions to manage the reed mace at the Thames Road Wetland. So we will try to add events to accommodate all this; so as always look out for my messages, check the website or check in direct with a call or message. See you soon

Michael Heath

Cray Project Officer

10 October 2014