Sofa Sail Ends on the Cray

Dear All

Sofa Sail Ending

Floating along the Cray at Byway 106 in Crayford has for some time been a leather sofa which was our main target last Tuesday for a Thames21 river clean up, now broken up and taken away by LB Bexley. Along this stretch were a number of trolleys (returned to the local store) and alarmingly an increase of dumped rubbish including the cut off roof and rear of a mini motor car. Although well before my time, this river tipping will take some locals back many years when a concerted effort by local people cleared the river of similar and greater number of such dumped stuff. This ultimately led the way for Thames21 to introduce a staff member to the catchment. Not only will this need to be watched but it may encourage a new generation of volunteers. Just contact me and we can arrange a clean-up. Hats off to the Thames21 Team who removed this rubbish.

End of the River for the Sofa not for Team Thames21

Also a well done to the students of St Pauls Academy once again Dynamic Team Davis turned out on a Saturday and got stuck into path laying and tree mulching unfortunately heavy rain prevented the planned river work and I have had to postpone next week’s half term event, we will arrange a new date for them. Look out for some pictures soon.


Next Week and Beyond

No soon have I pressed the send button on our forthcoming event and there are changes. The Christmas Social is on but a new date is being arranged. We are also arranging some exciting onsite training for the veoila project at Foots Cray Meadows Tuesday 25th November and Monday 8th December, this will take us into the next stage and our winter programmed for this project. So watch this space and do contact me for up to date info about the event you wish to join in.

This Tuesday 28th I shall be joining and highly recommend Ralph and Brenda Todd’s Foots Cray Meadows Bird Walk meet at 1000 Leafield Lane finishes 1230

Michael Heath

Cray Project Officer

24 October 2014