Join in with the 3 Rivers Clean Up 2016

Thames21 with the Friends of Brookmill Park

The eighth annual summer 3 Rivers Clean Up gets underway in little over a week at Sutcliffe Park, on the River Quaggy, between 11am and 1pm on June 11th, and for the next three weeks many more events have been arranged for volunteers to participate in along the Rivers Ravensbourne, Pool and Quaggy. The Ravensbourne river catchment spreads from Eltham to Croydon and from Deptford to Keston and all of it needs a bit of a spruce up. Last year we removed over 300 bags of rubbish, which doesn’t include the mattresses!, some 6000 Himalayan Balsam plants were cleared, 1000 Giant Hogweed plants treated, these are both invasive and prevent the growth of natural flora, and some 1200 volunteer hours were recorded. It’s the second biggest river clean up in the country and we need your help to make it the best. For all the dates and details go to
Follow us @3RCU (Twitter) and @3riverscleanup (Instagram) and, of course, the 3 Rivers Clean Up 2016 facebook page. For further details contact Thames21’s Lawrence @ 07584 172209 or Lewisham’s Jess at