Thames21 features at HSBC Water Programme celebration night

Thames21’s work was highlighted during an exhibition of HSBC Water Programme on Thursday, held at the Cutty Sark in Greenwich.

The HSBC Water Programme has funded Thames21’s Fixing Broken Rivers project involving reedbeds, sustainable drainage systems and education. These aspects were displayed to guests via display boards, enabling us to talk to guests about our work.


The event was to celebrate the end of the HSBC Water Programme, a US$100m five year partnership between HSBC, Earthwatch, WaterAid and the World Wildlife Fund, but also funding charities managing local water projects.

During that time, they worked with 60 national government organisations in 35 countries.

And in a speech Douglas Flint, chairman and sponsor of the HSBC Water Programme, announced that there would be another five-year programme. He also made reference to attending a Thames21 event and the experience of putting on boots and taking part.

Pictures: The entrance to the evening, under the iconic Cutty Sark and Ben Fenton talking about our work

hsbcexhibBen Fenton, Fixing Broken Rivers Project Manager, said: “We were delighted to be invited by HSBC to showcase what we had achieved in our Fixing Broken Rivers project. Through their funding, we’ve been able to achieve a fantastic amount to really make a difference to wildlife and to address water pollution, as well as to educate people about the environment.”