New Fighting Fund for rivers thanks to Thames21 supporters

Thames21 has raised £2,145 in its recent Crowdfunder towards our Fighting Fund to protect rivers.

Sixty two of our supporters donated over 56 days. Our chief executive, Debbie Leach said: ‘Heartfelt thanks to all those generous people who supported us. This money will help us keep up the pressure to protect rivers from the onslaught of plastic, sewage and heavy metals.

We want to continue our effort to catapult the data and shocking evidence we see every day, into the national and international consciousness. And with your help, we can.’

Thames21 volunteers clearing huge amounts of plastic debris from the Thames foreshore


Thames21 is witnessing first-hand how our rivers are being devastated. Over the past two years, we have enabled increasing numbers of Londoners to investigate plastic pollution in the Thames and what we have found so far is truly shocking:

  • We counted 5000 wet wipes piled up on the Thames foreshore in just one location
  • We’ve noticed how this hidden plastic menace is changing the shape of the riverbed of London’s most iconic river
  • We recorded and removed 4350 plastic bottles from the Thames in just 3 hours

Positive action against these issues is starting to happen, notably the London Mayor’s pledge on water fountains, but much more action is needed now to save our rivers.

Our Fighting Fund will help us to reach out to decision makers, work with industry to inspire faster action and involve even more people to bring about sustainable change.