Thames21 declares a Climate and Ecological Emergency

Today, 20 September 2019 a global climate strike is taking place where everyone is invited to come out to show how much they care about the environment.

Children across the world have been striking from their schools under the Fridays for Future and School Strike for Climate initiatives for the past few months, but not enough action has been secured. They have requested that other organisations and adults come out to support them.

The climate strike is a way for everybody to show their concern for the environment and help build political pressure and will for change.

Several staff from Thames21 will attend the London event today to show support, talk about how climate impacts threaten our river ecosystems, and how we can better protect them.

Today Thames21 has also declared a climate and ecological emergency. 


A climate and ecological emergency: our declaration

  • We recognise the existential crisis that humanity faces from global overheating and the associated increased instances of extreme weather events and wildlife loss
  • The climate emergency poses a threat to the rivers and wetlands we all depend upon
  • We must also recognise how our own activities contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and biodiversity loss and work to reduce our impact

Read the full declaration, explanation of climate impacts on rivers, and our pledges:

Thames21 Declaration of Climate and Ecological Emergency