New project to open up access to the Thames

Thames21 has received funding from City Bridge Trust to deliver an exciting new project, Thames Connections, which aims to make it easier for communities in low-income neighbourhoods to enjoy and benefit from the river Thames.

The project will gather opinions and evidence from the residents of some of London’s low-income wards in order to shape the programme. The aim is to tailor the programme to local needs and interests, to ensure more equal access to London’s greatest natural space.

Thames21 CEO Debbie Leach said: “The river Thames is the dynamic, charismatic heart of London’s past, present and future.  The Thames Connections programme is on a mission to provide all Londoners, of every culture and background, with opportunity to discover what they value about this great river and what it means for them.”

The project will achieve these outcomes through detailed dialogue with residents in areas within 10 minutes’ walking distance of the river Thames. This listening focus aims to ensure that engagement activities developed during the course of the research project will meet local needs successfully.

Thames21 wants to identify community leaders in deprived wards and invite them to help us develop activities which are beneficial, relevant, appropriate and inviting. Thames21 will then use its experience in delivering community activities on the river to overcome barriers, connect local aspirations and interest in the river into a safe, practical and engaging long- term delivery programme.