Back our Fighting Fund to campaign for rivers

Our rivers are choking on plastic and other pollution. So we’re creating a Fighting Fund to save our rivers from being force fed a cocktail of plastic, oils and sewage – and we need your help. 

So far we’ve reached 10% of our target, which  is £15,000, via Crowdfunding – which is running until the end of July.

Thames21 is witnessing first-hand how our life-giving rivers are being devastated.

Our supporters have helped us quantify the problem, for example by counting more than 5,000 wetwipes and 4,500 plastic bottles – each in a day. 

And now we’re giving you the chance to help us build a Fighting Fund in defence of rivers.

Funds raised will help enable us to:

  • Inform decision makers with valuable data that is crucial to new policies that will protect our rivers and oceans
  • Call on industry to forge ahead with sustainable solutions that do not harm our environments
  • Inspire the public and the media to take action to save our rivers from being devastated

Using data collected, our voice is being heard, but now we need your help to speak up even louder for our rivers and give them a voice which cannot be ignored.

We need to make a big push now for swift action to save our rivers.

If you are as passionate about rivers as we are…will you chip in?