Our work in communities 

Accessing river spaces has numerous and transformative benefits for people in cities. And yet the voices of marginalised communities are often heard the least in decisions about how to value, protect and restore these spaces, despite often being impacted the most.  

We work with communities to redress this imbalance through targeted outreach with underrepresented groups. Thames River Watch focuses on two locations – Isle of Dogs in Tower Hamlets and Sands End in Hammersmith & Fulham. Our outreach involves:   

  • Listening to understand establish how the river is currently used and valued 
  • Collaborating on events that support the community and create a link to the river 
  • Skilling-up leaders to lead their own activities connected to the river  


Are you a community group on the Isle of Dogs and Sands End? Would you like to co-host an event on river for our 2024 River Programme to open the river for the public and your constituents? Please let us know here

On the Isle of Dogs and Sands End, we are looking to speak to: 

  • Community groups – youth groups, faith groups, support for low income families.  
  • Primary schools – for trips to the foreshore 
  • Local businesses – for ways to work with volunteers   
  • Individuals – that have knowledge or skill related to the river that they would like to share 

To see our work across six Thames adjacent boroughs in London, see Thames Connections.

If you would like to get involved, please let us know here

To read more about the work we do, read about the work we’ve been doing in Sands End.