Tidal Thames Catchment Partnership

Welcome to the new page for the Tidal Thames Catchment Partnership also known as Your Tidal Thames (YTT).

Please note, this page currently is under construction, so please come back soon for more updates.

Your Tidal Thames (YTT) is a collaborative partnership of organisations along the Thames from Teddington to the sea co-hosted by Thames21 and the Thames Estuary Partnership (TEP).

Originally set up to help implement the Water Framework Directive through Defra’s Catchment Based Approach (CaBA), the Tidal Thames catchment partnership aims to bring together all stakeholders and interested parties along the tidal Thames to work together to protect, enhance and improve its water environment for wildlife, local communities and everybody working near to or visiting the most famous river in our capital city, or its wonderful riverside locations throughout the whole of the Thames Estuary.

Following a public consultation in 2012 the YTT produced a shared vision stating,

We envisage a tidal Thames that is more accessible, greener and more connected to the wider London landscape and the sea.  A river that benefits people, businesses and wildlife.

Click here to see the Tidal Thames catchment plan

Please watch this space for more information as we update the new Your Tidal Thames page and links to the YTT Catchment Action Plan and project information.

If you have any questions or project ideas or would like to simply find out more, please get in touch with us.

Contact Jessica van Grootveld at jessica.vangrootveld@thames21.org.uk  07849 087833

Or Eve Sanders (for Thames Estuary Partnership) at e.sanders@ucl.ac.uk 07921 830588