Marsh Dykes and Thamesmead

The Marsh Dykes and Thamesmead Catchment Improvement Group (MDTCIG) want to improve the water environment in your area and make the waterways healthier and more attractive for  both your community and local wildlife. Thousands of people live or work by these rivers, canals and lakes. We would  like you to help us to select the overarching vision for the catchment, so this can shape the work we do.


About us

We are a group of organisations committed to creating healthy marshes in Erith, clean ponds on Shooters Hill and attractive canals in Thamesmead. The group is co-hosted by charities Thames21 and London Wildlife Trust.

We joined forces in 2016, and so far we have concentrated on running community events, such as removing plastic and other waste from canals and lakes in Thamesmead, and creating and enhancing green space such as installing 280m2 of floating reedbed in the Thamesmead canals and lakes.

Volunteers help install floating reedbeds on Birchmere Lake, Thamesmead


The Marsh Dykes and Thamesmead Catchment

The catchment is the natural drainage area for rainfall between Erith Marshes in the east, Shooters Hill in the south and Woolwich in the west. The water bodies within the catchment are highlighted in the map above.

Installing floating reedbeds to provide colour, flowers, and a space for fish and birds

We are creating a vision to lead the work of the MDTCIG

Our vision will spell out the core purpose of the MDTCIG. It will be our compass, to make sure we concentrate on projects that fit that purpose.

With your input, we can make our vision relevant to your community and reflect what you care about. This will make sure our projects meet your needs, and create places for wildlife to thrive.

Five potential Vision Statements have been created by community representatives following a workshop in January. 

Please visit the link to select the Vision which you would like to underpin the work of the Catchment Partnership:

What happens next?

We will use the information you have provided and the results of the workshop to identify the goals and priorities for our vision statement. We will share these and the winning Vision Statement with you in March.

A mature reedbed: as well as looking beautiful, reedbeds help clean the water

Catchment Partners:


London Wildlife Trust 

Environment Agency 

London Borough of Bexley 

Royal Borough of Greenwich 

Peabody Housing Association  

Thamesmead Town Angling Club 

Thames Water